My purpose is to help people receive the opportunity to become their greatest version. I want to hold space for you to heal your mind, body, and soul and follow a path that will bring you joy amongst the wild.

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Joy & Wild is about embracing a life of conscious growth and creative exploration. This blog is here to nourish your mind, body, and soul through wholesome recipes, engaging poetry, reflective blog posts, and sustainable DIY projects.

Joy is my last name, my physical body and the kind, calm, and simple component of my Self. Wild is the internal, raw, and unapologetic component gifted to me from the Earth. I am on a journey to balance the two - find softness and strength, acknowledge masculine and feminine, see ego and true self. Here I hope to share lessons from my experience as a human being. 


xx Kristen

 Art by Casper Macabre

Art by Casper Macabre