Plant-based recipes

Healthy, plant-based recipes to fuel your bod. To me, health is not about trying to minimize calories, fats, or carbs. For me health is about nourishing our bodies with vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients in order to function our best. Food = fuel! 

coconut yogurt


These are recipes that will start your day off right. They are filling, packed with nutrients, and personal favourites of mine! I must admit, breakfast is my favourite meal, so you'll find new recipes here most often. 


Lunch & Dinner

Savoury, satisfying main dishes are the most difficult to keep healthy when you're on the go or in a crunch to host dinner. Here are some ideas to throw into your busy schedule or for special occasions.



Ah, mid-afternoon fuel! Whether you're a busy student, workaholic, or just enjoy, a lot, these are some great snack ideas to curb your hunger until your next meal.